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Megan WallaceMegan Wallace (Director of Operations for The Dog Network)has been a professional dog trainer for over 10 years and serves as one of the head dog trainers with Naperville Dog Training. Throughout her life, she has had a special understanding of animals; especially dogs. So it was no surprise that she found her true calling training and rehabilitating dogs. 

Throughout her career, she has helped thousands of clients and their dogs’ have a happier, more balanced relationship. Megan cares deeply about the outcome of her training dogs and will spend as much time as needed with you and your pup. 

Megan has worked with dogs of all ages, all breeds, and each with their own unique needs. She has even successfully rehabilitated dogs with some of the most difficult behaviors from some of the most misunderstood breeds. She regularly works with shelters and volunteers to help give dogs some much needed training to better their chances of finding forever homes.


Her love of dogs and commitment to bettering their lives is demonstrated in the following way:

  • Member, International Association of Canine Professionals
  • Member, Canine Political Action Corps
  • Member, ASPCA
  • Member, American Dog Owner Association

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