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Our board and train program is one of our most popular training programs that we offer. We understand the importance of being proactive in your dog’s life and not reactive to bad or unwanted behaviors. That is why our board and train program is ideal for puppies and young dogs. 

During your dog’s training program – we teach, practice, and proof. Your dog will learn tons of new skills that will help them make good decisions when out in the real world. The length of your dog’s stay can be customized to your dog’s needs along with the goals you would like to achieve. While your dog is with us they will:

  • Gain confidence
  • Receive tons of socialization with people and other balanced dogs
  • Travel to new spots to practice their newly learned skills
  • Enjoy their reliable off leash freedom
  • Learn new commands, manners, and great new behaviors
  • And much more!

We believe it’s important to establish a solid foundation in your dog’s life and will be there to support and guide you throughout your dog’s life. Don’t wait until your dog has developed unwanted habits or behaviors. Never miss a beat in your dog’s life by getting started on the right track today.

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