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Our private lessons are a fantastic option for dog owners that want to work with a professional trainer first hand. This allows us to work with you and your dog at your pace either at our location or at your home (within the Chicago suburb area). Private lessons give you the flexibility to schedule your training sessions on an as needed basis or dates selected in advance. 

Typically, our first lesson together lasts approximately two hours. During this session, you and your trainer will discuss what goals you’d like to be able to achieve along with what areas your dog may need help in. Taking the time to discuss everything thoroughly, will allow us to put together a plan so that we’re both on the same page.

Then we’ll move on to our unique foundation training session where we’ll begin teaching you and your dog how to have clearer communication along with a better understanding of the roles each of you play within the dog-human relationship. Throughout the additional lessons, we’ll add in more distractions and progress through your training sessions at a pace that you and your dog are both comfortable with. 

Training equipment is available for purchase as needed.

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